a not so tiny introduction

Psst, well, hi! Hello. After over two weeks of wrestling with a blog name, (and by that, I mean failing miserably many a time with desperately formed puns) I’ve finally chosen one and decided it is about time I honed all of my excitement into writing my first blog post. Now, I do not put it lightly when I say excitement. The eleven-year-old Jackie in me who grew up trying to follow Alton Brown’s quick-fire commentary on the Iron Chef or listening to Giada’s way of pronouncing spaghetti (spah-gee-ti) is very thoroughly enthused. (You’ll understand what I mean later.)

Welcome to tinykale, a product of eighteen years of watching Food Network and an intense desire to compile my thoughts and experiences somewhere so I might be able to return to them someday and read them to my legion of dogs and cats.

The idea of a cooking blog documenting my kitchen shenanigans has always waved at me from among my brain’s collection of ideas, too overshadowed by thoughts of homework and SATs and college apps to really motivate me to do much with it. (Did I really want to tell the interwebs about the time I made an apple pie for a family party and forgot the sugar?)

However, as a high school senior who has earned enough credit for graduation, a semester internship is offered at my school. Yes, a whole half school year for all that thrilling (and nerve-wracking) enter-the-real-world realness to happen. And after some experimentation with that, it was upon my teacher’s suggestion and perhaps my emerging inner writer/foodie that blogging became a very possible option. I couldn’t deny it now. I had the time and the resources—did I mention time? I was flat out of excuses, and that little seed of an idea in my head was begging to grow and bloom. So after some discussion (and little consideration on my part), three periods of my school day have become periods dedicated to my creation of content for tinykale. (Actually my dream come true. Actually. Livin’ a fairykale over here…)

So what exactly is the content for tinykale?

In case I was too subtle about it, definitely cooking. I’ve always played it more or less on the safe side, only trying recipes within the four to five star range and reading over reviews like I’m trying to buy something off Amazon instead of being adventurous in the kitchen. But now it’s about time for me to say kale yeah! to taking culinary risks and paying homage to all the hours I spent watching chefs and home cooks alike do their thing on the big screen. I intend on documenting all of my kitchen exploits here, embarrassing forgot-the-sugar moments and all! Hopefully, along with my writing skills, I will also improve on photography, learning the ins and outs of a fancy camera and providing those HD-color balanced-unwashed-out photos to complement the writing.

But I also want to write about other topics and interests of mine. Some posts may cover things as specific as do-it-yourself crafts or as random as a visit into the city or as meaningful to my life as organic eating.

All in all, tinykale will be an honest online journal, and hopefully you will join me for the fun, bumbling, and sometimes messy ride. I hope we will soon become more than just author and reader but experiencers together. Here’s to those little seeds of ideas blooming into something great and worthwhile—perhaps a leafy piece of kale. â˜ș

With ♄,


P.S. If you looked at the bolded first letters trying to see if they formed a coded message, I’m sorry to have disappointed.


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