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Hi, and welcome to my humble blogbode! I’m Jackie, the wordy gardenerĀ behind this bumpkinĀ of a blog detailing all the yummy, funny, interesting, awkward, “unique, not weird” moments of my life. (Awkward as in, why did I not smile in the one about page picture I liked?) I am a true believer in the power of soup on a rainy day and a superfan of anything tomato with eggs. I enjoy melty cheese, peonies, the glorious invention of thin bagels (also non-stick pans), and fast-forwarding precisely before the commercial ends on my DVR’ed shows.

Here at tinykale, you’ll find everything from my favorite recipes to a DIY tutorial to a play-by-play recap of an exploration into the city’s hole-in-the-wall eateries. It is my only wish that you enjoy this rideĀ with meĀ and that I will become, if nothing else, your go-toĀ source for all things cringy pun related.Ā ā™„